Thick Shit For Breakfast



Your Mistress is hungry and making us some breakfast.. you get to sit on the floor and watch me make tea and oatmeal… don’t worry, you’ll get to eat soon enough… I let you watch me as I eat my food and talk about the type of foods I eat to produce nice, thick shits every day. I taunt and tease you, calling you names for wanting your Mistress to feed you so bad–how badly you want to eat my shit, that is. I turn around and show you the sparkling butt plug in my ass, stopping my turd from poking out my ass–I’ve been ready to feed you this whole time, but I’m a cruel girl, and wanted to watch you anxiously wait… beg for me to feed you, slave. You little scat skank, pathetic shit lover–you can beg even better than that… I fill your plate with a heaping load of thick, firm shit… and drive your face close to it, and tell you how I want you to eat every piece… enjoy your hot breakfast, slave

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