Humping in an Overflowing THICK Cloth Diaper



I’ve been very excited collecting the pieces of this super cute, girly outfit. I’m wearing a frilly sunshine yellow dress with matching plastic panties over top of a very THICK cloth diaper! It’s such a huge cloth diaper that it makes my butt look huge and sticks out from my short little skirt 😛 How cute!  I show off my pretty outfit by twirling and jumping and bouncing around excitedly, even rubbing the diaper and humping the bed in my happiness and anticipation for filling it up.  Then the real fun begins! I start to let out a ton of hot piss into the diaper, feeling the warm liquid spread and heat up the soft fabric. I hump the bed more the enjoy the feeling of the pee being squeezed out and sucked back in.  Eventually I have to let out the 4 days held poo as well – it needs to come out! What better place than such a thick large diaper? I have the plastic panties to protect me anyways 🙂  Once the diaper is all the way full, I hump the bed, my pillow and eventually the arm of the couch so I can feel the shit squishy around inside the diaper. It goes all over my ass and into my cute little bush and pussy and even onto the bottom of my belly!  You can see the shit come out of the diaper and into the plastic panties at the edges where I’m pushing it around. It’s so warm and clay-like from being inside me so long. Eventually I take of the diaper so you can really see the Huge smashed up load!

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