Busy Public Bathroom Diarrhea on Ski Vacation



Happy Winter! I’m having fun in a public bathroom! This is an incredible video with so many sexy elements – I was so turned on making it (and you can see from the strings of creamy pussy grool that come out while I shit and on the toilet paper). I’m in a public bathroom with stalls so you can hear other women milling around, flushing, wiping, chatting and washing up the whole time. I’ve muted any short parts where names or locations were said clearly for the privacy of strangers. I was on a skiing vacation and got a bad case of diarrhea. Thank god I had my phone to keep me company. I’m in my ski boots for the whole video trying to be quiet as I have hot, spicy, creamy mushy shits over and over. I start by flushing away the toilet paper and piss filled bowl – sometimes public bathrooms are dirty like that and the lady before me didn’t flush. Then I pull down my leggings and get ready. I start with pissing and then spread my legs so you can see me shit in this tight stall. It drops between my legs and I even get the camera closer so you can see the dark log squish out of my asshole. I wipe often since the shit is so mushy but I have to keep shitting! Every time I think I’m done, more needs to come out D: I take a shot from the back too so you can see a well lit shot of my ass pushing a log into the bowl. Wipe AGAIN. Finally I get up and turn around to flush and…. I’ve clogged it. How embarrassing! Everyone will see šŸ™

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