Teacher’s Poopy Panties! EAT Them Or FAIL!



Script: Custom video about a college instructor meeting with a sub-par student to insist on better performance in class. Poor test scores, lack of attentiveness in class. ”What, even now you can’t focus on what I am saying?” ”I know you need a passing grade in my class to graduate this year” This reprimand gets around to you saying even a load of your shit would get a better score on one of your tests than I do. ?? Aha…Light bulb going off. You are going to give me this one chance and a very helpful study aid before the final next week. ”This supplement will help you focus and with the saying ”you are what you eat” will help you do better on the final”. You take a dump in your panties and then take them off, and explain that I will eat your whole load right before studying tonight, and will wear your dirty panties over my face all weekend to help me retain anything learned.

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