Goodness Great Shits: June



Goodness Great Shits: June

What a treat we have in store for you!

FIVE of June’s biggest, baddest beauties to escape from Sophia’s hole.

First up, a big swirly load onto the lid of a hotel toilet seat and subsequent flush.

Following that, Sophia parks her pooper above her bathroom floor and pushes out a delectable multi-colored turd, admiring its smell.

In our second-to-last scene, sexy Sophia grunts out a hole-breaking log that truly stretched out her tight little anus—all this in sky-high stilettos.

Finally, Sophia takes one of her famous desperate 1-Lb.-ers onto her toilet seat, complete with an exam and scale reveal!

Shot in 4K; featuring over ELEVEN minutes of condensed and alternate cuts of great shits from this past month’s custom video orders.⭐️





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