Selling My Shit Slave



I smack you awake, finding you dozing under my throne like a lazy turd. Wake up, slave! You’re utterly useless! I’m going to sell you–but first, I gotta raise your market price now, don’t I? I gotta make you useful for SOMEthing, since you’ve done such a poor job not satisfying your Mistress. Can you guess what I have in mind? That’s right, open your mouth slave, cuz I’m gonna turn you into a SHIT EATING slave! That’ll bring up your price! Lot of pervs out there will pay good money for a human toilet like you. But you better eat it all, slave–or you’ll be so useless to me that I’ll just have to “dispose” of you. Hahaha, that’s right, you stupid little subhuman piece of shit–no one will even miss you. Now take all, little slave, and look good for the camera–I gotta show “proof” when I sell you that you’re even WORTH selling as a toilet!

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