Raw Shit From A Goddess



At last, a WORTHY worshipper, who wants EVERYTHING a Goddess can give… even her SHIT! You smell and see the beauty in things others may avoid or discard, so you’re a thoughtful man as well…with advanced tastes… I’m excited to give you the “object” you desire, a divine load from my ass! Served on a sacramental plate, of course. Smell my stink, eat my logs, and feel my overwhelming power fill you up from the inside… and lastly, make sure to jerk your cock to me JUST as I tell you, with your nose and mouth covered and caked with my crap! When you’re about to cum, look deeply at my ass, covered with my see-through shawl, make out the delicious shine and shape of my divine Brown Eye, working yourself to a huge load from your focus and my overpowering Goddess crap!

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