Pizza For Goddess Shit for a Slave



*Original Upload Date: 10/29/2019*

Goddess is hungry for a snack on a lovely afternoon! I’m sure my slave is hungry too, but he doesn’t get to eat the same food as a Goddess. I have some leftover pizza from my party last night and decide to tease my slave by eating it while sitting right on his face. He is jealous of me. He hasn’t gotten to taste real food in months. All he ever gets to eat is my waste, and today is no exception. After I finish eating, it’s my slave’s turn. I squat over his face and unload a huge gloopy pile of shit. He swallows so much of it while I take the camera and humiliate him and show you how stupid he looks. He’s like some weird shit monster. Gross! He continues to chew on waste as the clip fades out.

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