Sophia Sprinkle Helps Constipated CassieScat + Titty



CassieScat already pushed out some tasty shit earlier today, but she knows there’s more in there. There’s always more in there!

But she can’t seem to push it out. Good thing her friend Sophia Sprinkles is here to help.

Sophia sits next to Cassie with their butt over the edge of the tub. Cassie is so tall and Sophia is so petite! We look so cute together. This position is usually great for pooping, but nothing this time! Sophia gets behind Cassie to get a little more hands-on in her encouragement. A quick finger in the asshole tells her all she needs to know – there’s a turd in there, but Cassie needs to relax!

Sophia doesn’t waste time using her lips and tongue to warm Cassie up and help her tight little asshole relax. It’s Cassie’s first rim job and it feels amazing. Her asshole may be more relaxed, but the rest of her is way more excited now.    Cassie sticks a finger in her asshole all lubed up with Sophia’s spit and begins to finger fuck some poop right out into Sophia’s hand! The girls both take a taste, marveling at the earthy flavour and showing off dirty, brown tongues.

Suddenly, Cassie realizes Sophie’s smearing her shit all over her tits! Hey! That’s so fun! They both smear poop on their titties and smoosh their dirty boobs together while laughing and enjoying every second they get to spend together. Good thing there’s lots of poop to go around!   This is the third partner’s video filmed in a series of four videos.

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