Making Out and Pooping our pants



Laura’s boyfriend is out of town and Sara’s girlfriend is away too. They are lonely and bored. They decide they need each other today, so they begin touching and kissing a little, just to see what it feels like. The kissing becomes more passionate, they do not want to interrupt this tender moment to visit the toilet. So they just pee in their pants while they love each other. They pee right on on each other, but neither girl notices, they just keep kissing and arousing each other as if nothing happened.

That feels so good they become even more passionate and kiss each other deeply. They feel the need to poop also, but they are completely immersed in each other, they can’t stop making out. So they just casually poop in their pants while they are hugging and kissing. Neither Sara or Laura seems to notice they have made a mess in their pants. It feels so good, they just ignore the mess and continue loving each other. They drive each other wild with passion.

Finally they are exhausted and fall asleep in each others arms. They completely ignore the mess they have made and sleep in it together.

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