Oily Shit Tease


Model : LoveRachelle2

Shhh, you’re allowed to jerk off but you have to keep quiet, my house is full and we only have so much time to have some dirty fun 😉 I give you a lap dance while you sit on the toilet, whispering to you softly throughout to behave and enjoy as I caress myself and show off my curves. I rub my body all over with oil, finger fucking my and shaking my glistening poop-filled bubble butt in your face–when suddenly one of my roommates knocks on the door! I tell her I’m just about to shower, and she walks off..Whew! I told you, we have to be careful or we’re going to get caught! 😉

I turn on the shower and continue my naughty lap dance before bending over doggy style and shitting turd chunks all over the floor while you pump your cock! I fingerfuck my oily ass again after shitting, mmm, it feels SO good! 😉 I let you take a good long look at my pile of stinky shit, and then wave you goodbye, I need to take that shower, that’s all the time I’ve got for you today, baby 😉 Til next time~!

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