Giantess Shits On Traffic


Model : LoveRachelle2

I pick up your cars in my monstrous lady hands, and kick cars miles across, and crush cars under my high, HIGH heels. I wonder what else I can do to amuse myself? Ooh, hm, actually, I’m starting to feel like, I gotta “take care” of something…… Oh, that gives me a really naughty idea ?? I peel off my stinky stained panties and unload a MASSIVE, GARGANTUAN TURD all over traffic, crushing cars beneath it’s mighty weight! I laugh at your misery, endlessly amused. Can you all smell that? I bet it reeks even with your windows up! I crouch over you panicked, hopeless fools like a mountain, and grab cars, sticking them hood-first into my shit, playing with the rest of you like toys for my monstrous fun, measuring my giant turd in car-lengths… I pick one car up and put it in my mouth, swallowing it whole… Now that I’ve “made room” ?? I’m hungry and I’ve got all you delightful little morsels to eat! You’ll all go in my mouth and come out of my ass too, just like this turd ?? *oops! money shot was slightly cut in the beginning due to camera behind me–hard to see! ?? So I’ve lowered the price a little, but you mostly see my mega turd push out my butthole, and it’s BEAAAUUTIFUL! Love you guys ?? Muah! **

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