ENEMA + DIRECT FEED + Morning pee



Full title: (3 scenes) BIGGEST BROWNEST ENEMA + DIRECT FEED madness + Morning pee

It’s morning; my pee is coming out dark yellow. I wanted to really feel him drink it down, so I ordered him to wait before he started gulping it down. Then, when I was done emptying my aching bladder, I sat beside him and held his throat, so I could not only hear him but also feel him swallow everything.

fun experience 🙂

Later that day, I decided to poop directly in his mouth in my living room. Great little snack when hanging out at home 🙂

This is when we enter the dark times. I have been constipated for 5 days after that. Every day I hoped for the need to come. Sometimes it would hurt, and I thought it would come out, but nothing! Finally, on the fifth day, when I felt I needed to go again, I asked my slave to give me an ENEMA. It needed to come out. And well, he was available for a meal, so why not. OH MY GOODNESS, what a meal it was (includes CORN) !!

I needed to pee first, and it was very concentrated. Literally of an orange color when it came out, then my shit all came out like a skull-shattering avalanche in the funnel. I THINK THIS TO BE MY BIGGEST LOAD EVER. My constipated logs were very hard coming out, so I knew I needed to do something about that. I took out my new favorite tool and hand-blended my ENEMA, pee, and record-breaking, 5 days-old constipated POWER load. There were around 3 liters of HELLISH broth for him to drink. He does his best to swallow as much as possible. The amount is just so RIDICULOUS; if you actually don’t see this very scene, YOU ARE MISSING OUT!

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