Maid Servant Humiliated, But Loves It



The fabulously wealthy, but perverted madam Sara Thonson has contracted a maid service to clean her estate. The maid service has sent the humble, and stunningly beautiful Laura Colin to scrub and clean.

Sara can’t stop staring at her adorable maid servant. This makes Sara wet between her legs. So she commands her maid to perform, shall we say … additional services. Sara starts by demanding that her servant girl clean her feet … oh yeah, with her tongue.

She imagines what it might be like to humiliate her humble service girl, forcing her to pee in her pants. But our wealthy pervert doesn’t stop there, she demands her cleaning slave shit her pants as well, while Laura’s employer enjoys watching.

Finally, Sara commands her beautiful slave to lick her pussy and help her masturbate. Sara has such a strong orgasm that she shits in her panties right in Laura’s face. But Sara’s naughty slave servant loves it, so they must passionately kiss each other while touching their mess.

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