Beg Me To Shit In Your Mouth



I enter the room with my pink bra and necklace on and my tight leggings, wearing my crazy, untamed curly hair up in a messy bun as I relax after a work out, and find you inside here all alone, next to my toilet slave chair… waiting for me. I laugh. You must be pretty desperate to eat my shit, huh? That’s so pathetic. You won’t eat anything I have in the kitchen unless it goes through my ass, first. I don’t like that you ambushed me in here to feed you, instead of just begging me earlier–so you’re gonna fucking beg now, slave. Otherwise I might just pinch off my loaf in the toilet and flush it away before you’re starving enough to fish for my turd in the bowl yourself. Come on. Beg me to shit in your mouth. Let’s see how much teasing and taunting you can take, as I sway my hips and thrust my big juicy ass in your face, fingering my anus and making you sniff my fingers after. Doesn’t that make you hungry? Beg, slave, and tell me that eating my shit is all you’re worth, cuz munching on my hot turds is the highlight of your life.

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