You’re Mommy’s Slave, Now!



Aw, why’re you upset, babe? C’mon, tell mommy all about it… Oh, you’re getting bullied at school, huh? They calling you a faggot? A pussy too, huh? So, what did you do about it? …Nothing, huh? Wow.. I guess you really ARE a pussy. You must deserve it, in fact, you’re such a disappointment to your mommy, why don’t I get in on the fun, too! 🙂 I can even give your bullies at school tips… From now on, you’re mommy’s little baby bitch. I humiliate you, telling you the truth of how much of a worthless piece of shit you are while forcing you to worship mommy’s pussy and shithole, and eat all of mommy’s farts! But that’s not all you gotta eat… that’s right, stay right there while mommy shits on your FACE!

Oh, but I’m not done with you yet, PUSSY. Since you’re mommy’s little baby BITCH now, how about I make it official? Uh oh, what do you think mommy is gonna do with this strap on…? 😉 That’s right boy, spread you ass for mommy, so I can fuck you and rub your face in my SHIT.

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