Your Vanilla Life Is Ruined



“Your Vanilla Life Is Ruined”

SCRIPT: Your new girlfriend doesn’t know that your a shit eater does she? Youve been eating my shit for years, and now your vanilla life is ruined. You can’t even enjoy vanilla sex without thinking about my ass and my shit. I told you this would happen little piggy. You just didn’t listen, now your a slave for life to my ass. Order my shit, and give me your money. Oh and don’t forget the most important part. You have to completely eat every last piece. You want to impress me, don’t gag and record it for me. I dont care if takes an hour to get down, I want every bite slowly chewed, savor the flavor, and stare at my ass while you do it. I would say sorry for ruining your life, but I’m not. Eat my shit like the stupid fucking toilet you have proven to be.

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