White Lace Panty Poop For Sugar Daddy



I’m bored waiting for my sugar daddy to come back to me, although I do enjoy this sweet innocent getup he got me before locking me in… what’s a dirty girl like me wearing this kinda sweetie girl dress and lace anyway? ?? Kinda messed up! Doesn’t daddy know what a filthy girl I really am? In either case I love how it feels and begin to touch myself.. before long though I have to take a dump! And realize he left me in a room with no bathroom access! Oohh… I bet it was on purpose! I figure there are probably hidden cameras in the room and he’s watching me, waiting for me to perform ?? Well if he wants a show, he’s getting one! I touch myself and fill my panties up!! Then I come, enjoying the feeling and the smell ?? How’s that for a show? Hope I made my sugar daddy proud!

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