Urgent Hold Tights JOI cum countdown



I just returned from my grocery shopping, completely desperate and horny. I’ve been holding my poop all day, squirming with pleasure and holding in my moans so that the people at home won’t catch me. The feeling of being completely clogged full of thick smelly poop makes my pussy drip with cream. It so turned me on to walk through the supermarket in my tights while having to struggle so hard to keep my shit inside. When I’m home I very quickly stumble into the bathtub to finally enjoy and let loose. I want you in on the fun, I want to play with you… My pussy’s dripping wet and I check to see if I have had an accident already. I definitely did… That makes me so much more horny! I start touching myself, masturbating while desperately trying to hold it in. I give it my all but yet I visibly start losing control. I encourage you to jerk off with me, following my rhythm. I love to watch you rub your thick fat hard dick as you see me struggle. I look you in the eyes passionately, moaning and talking dirty to you. I encourage you to edge with me, following the rhythm of my hands exactly. We lose ourselves in orgasmic ecstacy as I completely release control of my bowels. As we are both wild with arousal I keep telling you to keep jerking but not to cum until I cum. Finally when I really can’t hold in my orgasm anymore, I count down to explode into a mindblowing orgasm together. Ooooohhhh Yess!!!! Then I rip apart my tights to show you everything that’s inside. A LOT!

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