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My grandmother taught me that cultured gentlemen should always accompany their companion wherever she goes! My toilet is beyond time and space, this is a page in the history of bygone days! But it’s so real that you already seem to smellin shit … Stop!
– Shit, gentlemen, and space?
It sounds strange, but if you are a gentleman could you please keep an eye on my immortal digital clone, in an eerie room filled with filthy scents and incredibly huge heaps of fresh and warm shit?
-An immortal clone? Eerie room? What the hell are you constantly talking about?
Okay fuck it up, just look at my huge ass, and the volcanoes of shit! According to the new (old?) Tradition, there are now two of them! Just like two stunning clips forever intertwined in spatial parallel! XD
You will see Two in One Scat Pooping Homemade Toilet Fetish Amateur Clips Compilation 2 in 1 Bundle Fingering Dirty Anal Pushing Insane Huge Fresh Stinky Warm Girls Shit Smearing Ass Dirty Booty Play Butt Shaking Squishing Giant Pile of Poop 

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