Training New Toilet Slave Girl



“This video is the POV of me, your personal slave girl who you have just purchased. You are going to use me for the first time as your personal toilet slave. Being a straight female, I am not a willing participant in my new life of misery but I must resign myself to a lifetime of serving you, my superior owner. I hate being property of another woman — serving as your sex slave is disgusting enough, but even the thought of serving as your toilet slave is more vile and horrifying than I can even imagine!

The video starts with me looking up at you as you are dressed in tight jeans. You taunt me as I am no longer a person but your slave. You turn around and tell me that you have been baking my dinner for tonight. You tell me to thank your ass for preparing my warm meal that I will soon eat.

I am under your toilet chair. You tell me that it is time to serve my new main purpose in life as you peel off your jeans and panties. Your asshole rests directly over my open mouth. I must catch all your shit in my mouth so that any smells stay in my worthless mouth and you don’t have to smell the stink yourself.

As you begin to shit, you laugh at my groaning and gagging. “Savor your hot and juicy dinner,” you tell me as you continue to remind me that I will be serving as your personal toilet every single day for the rest of my life. You tell me to chew each turd at least 10 times before swallowing and if I throw it up or try to spit it out then you will chop one of my toes off after we are done as punishment. You know that this is torture and hell for me to have to taste and feel your feces in my mouth but it gives you great satisfaction to use a slave girl as she deserves to be used.

You remind me again, as I’m chewing your shit, that it is a real privilege for a lowly and pathetic slave girl to serve a woman this way. No one remembers or cares about me –- only you, my owner, will even know of my existence soon. You tell me that in a few months you expect for me to improve enough and chew and swallow fast enough between turds so that you can just use me like a normal toilet any unnecessary pausing.

Finally, you ask me if I have finished swallowing everything that you have deposited. When you get off me you tell me to open my mouth wide so that you can inspect it and make sure that I have swallowed it all like I said. Your last words to me are, ‘I hope you enjoyed this because you will serve me as my personal toilet until you get completely sick and die’, You laugh condescendingly at me one last time as you walk away and leave me to comprehend what just happened and what my long lifetime of misery will be like.”

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