Taste My Shit, Toilet Slave!



You’re gonna eat my shit tonight, toilet! I start by displaying my new red hot crotchless panties, sitting on your face and making you lick my luscious cunt lips, showing off how plump my pierced pussy is. I’m desperate to shit to be honest, I can barely hold back as I poop in a clear container right above you and finger my filthy shitter and fart in your face… mmm, all my shit smells sooo good while I do this! I decide to show it to you… and tease you…and feed it to you! You only get to eat a few bites tonight, slave, I’ll be saving the rest to feed you tomorrow…. but before then, the smell is just too appetitzing–I’ve GOT to taste it myself! Mmmm, my shit is sweet tonight… and you can see all the food I ate in it… delicious <3

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