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Model : cutiesyren
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Hello, my name is Syren and I have been creating scat and puke content for three years! This means I know my body very well and how scripts my translate from long words to short filming, so I ask that you please have a quick chat with me before you purchase your custom. When you message me I open a safe space for all of your desires to be fulfilled and for you to have a pleasant experience. Continue reading to see how to buy shippables!

I offer custom scat & puke videos for your needs!

Rules for Scat Clips:

  • No eating poop and swallow it
  • No tasting poop and swallow it
  • No smearing it on my face or hair
  • No showing my face
  • No pooping in a diaper, a onesie is fine

Rules for Puke Clips:

  • No puking and pooping at the same time or one right after the other
  • I only use my fingers or my dildo to puke
  • No eating puke
  • No smearing puke in my hair

please adhere to the rules of this site when purchasing a custom!


All customs are $10/a minute with a 5 minute minimum and a 20 minute maximum.

Add-ons are negotiable.

Physical Items ~ Shippables


3-day worn panties ~ $35

Poop stained panties (no wiping) ~ $45

Full dump panties (pooping in panties and shipping them with the poop still in the seat!) ~ $75 + mandatory overnight shipping fee


Poop Jar or Bag ~ $100 + mandatory overnight shipping fee