Layla’s Love ~ Menu, Services and Rates!


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Model : Layla Lee

✨ Welcome to Layla’s Scat Trap! ✨

Wanna get some of Layla’s Love? 💕 Something to savor? Or maybe you have a special fantasy and want Layla to star in your own custom video?

Check out my menu and rates! Please DM to talk details before placing any orders 💕

🔥 SHIPPABLE ITEMS🔥 $20 flat rate shipping fee. Vacuum sealed and discreet packaging.

➡️Panties $45 ($10 per each additional day)

+Creamy Cum $15

+Poop Skid Marks $10

+Drip Dry (pee) $10

+Pussy Fur $10

➡️ FRESH Raw Loads 💩

+1 Load for $100 or 2 Loads for $150

➡️ Piss Refreshers! 🥂 $30

➡️ Cookies & Cream 🍪 (two cookies with fresh poop filling!) 1 for $25 or 2 for $40

➡️ Booty Brownies (baked with fresh scat straight from my tap!) 1 for $25 or 2 for $40

🔥 CUSTOM FETISH VIDEOS start at $10/minute+


+$45 for a “Quickie” (5-7 minutes)

+$75 for 15 minutes

+$150 for 30 minutes

‼️PRO TIP: A “Quickie” is a great option for those wanting a live panty or toilet poop.

***Typical wait time is 2 weeks.


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