Super Filled Panty Poop Play



I needed to fully poop for 2 days now ❗️

The other day I was so constipated even anal didn’t fully flush me 🤭 I need to poop sooo bad I could hardly stay still lol
I couldn’t wait to just fill my nighty it poop so bad it was already leaking out 🤭💅🏻

As I realise and feel that hot poop fill my panties my eyes are literally in the back off my head it felt AMAZING.

At some point I put my toy down and take in all that smell and makes me sooo wet just enjoying the filth 🤤 my bf couldn’t help it the moment I turned and pulled down my shorts he came all over my poop and stuck his cock deep into my poop. I was so wet I just had to cum. So I did.

Come watch me 😈💅🏻


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