Stinky Shit Prison for Romain the Camembert


Model : PastelGoddess
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*Original Upload Date: 1/31/2021*

(Custom– the name Romain is used in this clip)

You’re my tiny little loser and I’ve grown bored of having you around. It’s time to put you away in an eternal shit prison of my creation. You’re shrunken down and trapped in a nappy as my huge ass looms over you. I shake my ass and taunt you with the hopelessness of your situation. You know what is about to happen. My asshole puckers and you know that a big stinky load is about to bury you. You’re such a loser. No more hesitation. I push out my load and destroy you. I give you the “L” sign and laugh as I smoosh you into the shit while folding the nappy. You’re never going to get out of here. This is the end for you.

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