Step Mommy Shits Just For You… Enjoy!


Model : LoveRachelle2

Step-son walks in on a bloated Mommy on the toilet trying to poop to ask her about getting a ride to a friends house. Her reaction is one of surprise and slight embarrassment. She promises to give him the ride then asks for some privacy. He doesn’t leave and asks if he can watch her go to the bathroom. She rebuffs this request but eventually agrees ( Motivated perhaps by a desire to ”win over” her new stepson ) He asks her to open her legs so he can see better and this is when she notices he is getting aroused. She comments on this; about how it’s getting weird, sexual. She just wants to get this over with so tells him if he wants to jerk off to just go ahead and do it. She warns him it’s probably going to smell ; that he might be grossed out. Then he asks if she would do it on the floor. She agrees because this way she doesn’t have to look at him while he masturbates. She then shits and tells him he will have to clean it up. Once she finishes, she stands up and watches as he kneels down to masturbate over her poo. She leaves, disgusted.

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