Sneaky Turds


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Today I had to take a shit TWICE! Aren’t I a lucky girl? 😉 But I had to be sneaky about it, because I started groundhogging and my roommates were all home and could need the bathroom any minute, so for my morning shit I dropped a long, delicious looking deuce on the floor and show it to you <3

For my night poop, all my roomies have gone to bed, so I have to be very, very quiet as I whisper to you my stealthy plans, as well as letting you in on the fun, that earlier in the day, a new mask and wig came in the mail! So I thought I’d have some fun while trying them out 😉 First I shit in my hand, then onto the floor, and then suck off my turds, loving it when they break apart in my mouth and I poop them out between my lips–doesn’t it look hot? Like I’m shitting out my mouth? 😉 I rub my shit all over my tits and then lick and suck my fingers a little while you can hear the chunks of caked shit fall to the floor. I hear one of my roommates turn in their beds, so I have to wrap up my fun, but I take one last longing lick at my messy fingers before smiling goodbye <3

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