Smearing My Purse With Shit


Model : LoveRachelle2
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Oh my God, you would not believe this kitschy grandma purse I found while shopping around–it’s hideous! And it’s just BEGGING for me to take a shit all over it. No, seriously, look at this thing. They sewed a doll onto it. That’s it. This thing was MADE for me to take a crap on it. I owe it to society. I dirty talk you throughout my process, taking time to strip tease, grope my sensitive tits and give you a hot view of my aching butthole. I’ve been looking forward to this all day. I can’t wait to shit!! When I birth a load all over that purse-doll’s face I take total delight in shit-talking her and smearing my crap all over her fucking face and her stupid dress. Doesn’t my purse look soooo much better now? I give my poop-covered thumb a lick as I wave you goodbye, thinking about all the other things I can “ruin” in the future 😉 This world was just made for me to poop on!

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