Shitty Martini


Model : LoveRachelle2

I’m seriously DYING to shit because I’ve had to hold it in all day, waiting to share a little treat with you at your request! 😉 That’s right I’m making you a shitty martini. I take a long thick shit onto the glass, unf it feels so good to shit. But oh my god, it’s so stinky!! Phew! I tell you how much it stinks and how much of a pig you are for wanting this, teasing and taunting you for enjoying this so much. I show off how huge my turd is (some of it even falls to the floor, it was just too much for the martini glass! I pluck up the piece and toss it back in)

This is just so stinky tho, I decide that you don’t get to have any. Haha, that’s right, I’m dunking your shit drink right in the toilet. Ugh, still stinks 

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