Shit My Jeans At Work



I finish washing the paint off my hands and show how much my work pants got covered in paint before I head for the door to head back to work, before I start shitting my pants all of a sudden! Holy shit! I can’t believe I’m crapping my pants at work! And there’s no place to clean up, cuz this isn’t really a “bathroom”, it’s just a clean-up room with a fucking sink! Fuck me! I talk to myself throughout, anxious and disgusted but also unable to deny how good my poop feels against my pussy, how ridiculous this all is…and how surprisingly turned on this is all making me… I take off my shoes and socks so I can remove my shit-filled pants, trying to figure out a way to go back to work so no one will no I shit my jeans! When I pull my jeans down I feel my butt and… the poop just feels so good, I can’t help but smear it around. I’m still aghast, but… I can’t deny how good it felt, feeling my shit press up against my pussy like that…. so I grab my shit off the floor and rub it all over my clit til I cum hard and fast! God, I’m such a dirty girl… I prepare to clean up with the sink as best as I can, still completely freaked out. I can’t believe this just happened!

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