Shit It. Pack It. Mail It. EAT IT!



You must be hungry to order a huge heap of my “chocolate” …and I can’t wait to feed it to you. I love that I’ve fed so many pig slaves stomachs with my SHIT. My ass could solve world hunger, and today, I’ll start with you ?? I shit out my turd with my ass and tits on display, squatting down as I unload this birth of a turd into the tupperware container–and walk you through the process of enjoying shit from yours truly ?? How to open your package, cut through the vacuum sealing, open the lid, and get BLASTED with the power of my aroma. How to savor my shit flooding your senses, how to smear it on your cock for a hot shit-jerk, and how to eat the entire load, until my entire load is inside your stomach. Only then are you allowed to cum ?? I wrap up showing you how I vacuum seal your poop order, to keep it fresh in the mail so you can dig in when it arrives on your doorstep ?? Enjoy!

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