Ruining Your Sissy Nikes!



Oh my god, you actually cleaned up those sneakers of yours I already pissed and shat all over last time! You’re so pathetic and desperate, I’ll teach you a lesson! I’m gonna fuck up your sneakers so bad you’ll never be able to clean them again! I humiliate you like the small-dicked loser you are throughout. I don’t know what grosses me out more, the fact that I’m handling sneakers I’ve shat and pissed on or that YOU had fun with them after. You like it when I’m rough with your shoes, you sick fuck? When I pull out the tongue and spread this pair of sissy pink nikes wide open for you? You have a sneaker fetish, is that like watching me spread pussy for you? That’s the most action your tiny dick has ever seen, isn’t it? I can’t help but laugh. You’re pathetic and powerless as I piss and shit stain your pink sneakers again!

Sequel to the vid “Shitty Sneakers”

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