Put Your Tongue To My Turd



Ooh, I love it! I LOVE turning men like you into full fledged shit eaters ?? Bringing you from my treats all the way to my raw logs of thick shit. You better tell me everything you’re gonna do it it, babe <3 I love knowing there are kinksters like me out there who love shit so much, they’d get my poop in the mail… opening their vacuum sealed package, all that fresh poop of mine laid inside, and they take it… and lick it… and taste it… smear it, and EAT it! I can’t get over it. So many scat lovers out there smelling, looking at, touching, and eating my poop <3 Today, when you get my shit? All I want you to do is EAT it! And I *love* that you’re going to enjoy my poop SO much! I know I’m doing the right thing with my life by making sure I have a steady supply of hungry mouths to feed ?? Every single one of them is special, and I cannot wait to make you your very own hot, STINKY meal!

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