Poopy Double Penetrated Masturbation



I just LOVE LOVE LOVE being double penetrated!!! Having a dick in my pussy and another in my ass almost always makes me cum right away! What’s even more orgasmic is when my ass is full of shit. Not just a little also- a shit ton! This video starts out with me just showing off my pucker butt and touching myself some. I was feeling more horny than normal and truly almost came during the first dildo touching me!  I began to play with the classic red dildo (seen in other videos if you recall) and immediately had poo on my dildo. I have to taste it!!! It is good, and I suck my dirty dildo for a min. Next I wanted to use my big double ended dildo in both my pussy and my ass- that feels freaking awesome!!! I piss some here and there but you will also see me squirt!! I also have true cum dripping out of my pussy, such a horny little slut!  I start hard pounding my full ass and I quickly find myself quivering with a super intense orgasm. I push out my dildo and you see how much poop I had been storing in my ass as I shit it all out! I tried to capture up close images and I hope you like how real and raw this video is. It’s a little window to my imagination of my desires and needs!

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