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Model : LoveRachelle2

Raw and raunchy, my shit delivered to your doorstep!

My shit log is wrapped in cling wrap, placed in a plastic container, then vacuum sealed twice for freshness!

Shipped completely discreet and with tracking.

(PLEASE NOTE: This purchase is just my shit, does not come with a custom video. I also cannot “custom make” a turd, I shit how I shit! What can I say, my ass is a crap shoot 😉 If you like the way I shit in general, then you should be happy with what you get!)

AVERAGE wait time before shipping is 4 weeks due to demand–I send you tracking once it’s shipped! 😊 

USA/CANADA ONLY! Purchases are shipped in the order they’re received!

Health Disclaimer

2 reviews for Poop

  1. Mmmmmike (verified owner)

    LoveRachelle2’s poop is as good as it gets in my experience. Maybe I’m nostalgic since hers was my first, but I’ve ordered many loads from many ladies and hers is always unbelievably delicious. Smells amazing, lovely texture, always has a little surprise inside for me to nibble on. I swear one time it tasted like a slightly salty chocolate pretzel. Buy it. You will not be disappointed. Except maybe the wait, because so many people want her poo!

  2. RobG (verified owner)

    I ended up being so happy to have ordered Mistress Rachelle’s raw poop. First she is very hygenicly conscience, her poop came in a sealed plastic container that then was vacuum sealed itself. So it was as fresh and clean as the day she dropped it. And as we all know her shit looks so enticing as it come out of her glorious Ass!
    I followed Her instructions in Her video of “Eat My Shit Step by Step”. I started by sniffing Her Food, it had a very mild, pleasant, natural scent and a nice dark green color. Then as She suggests I picked up a nice sized Piece, put it in my mouth and started sucking on it. That gave a hint of it’s wonderful flavor to come. Then biting the piece and moving it around my mouth covering all my taste buds, I knew I was in for such a pleasant tasty meal. I chewed it up mushing it into all my teeth and swallowed, and immediately grabbed two more pieces chewing them completely to enjoy the taste before swallowing. I then, as She instructed, licked her soft beautiful log with a firm tongue to scoop up some. A little different taste but just as delicious. I then picked up a good piece of the log, bit into it to fill most of my mouth, and mushed it all around the whole area of my mouth; roof, sides, gums, everywhere.
    I was planning on making two “snacks” of her shit but it was so wonderfully delicious I ate it all in one. Also I enjoyed a bottle of her “first in the morning piss” throughout the meal.
    Needless to say I did not eat or drink anything for hours after dining on Her Treat to savor the taste for as long as I could.
    This was my first time ordering her “Raw Poop”; but I will now become a regular customer, ordering at least once a month!!

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