Blueberry Butt Muffins
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Model : LoveRachelle2

Half mix, half shit!

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Comes with a FREE video on how I make muffins IN GENERAL (I’ve made a few varieties in the past, but nowadays I make only blueberry butt muffins & in only one way–no special requests!)


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1 review for Blueberry Butt Muffins

  1. RobG (verified owner)

    Move over Sara Lee, you too Pepperidge Farm, even the old world bakery that may be in your town. Rachelle is here with her Blueberry Butt Muffins! I’ve never had a tastier breakfast treat as her muffin. From the package you’ll notice a delecate sweet aroma of the soft muffin that will get your mouth watering. I put the muffin in the oven at a low temp to warm it up, then split it vertically to put in a little slice of butter. Then took my first bite, oh it was so delicious, a wonderful taste with a hint of Rachelle’s delicious poop. I could have eaten a half dozen of them. I highly recommend them to all, you will love the muffins as I do!!

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