OMG I SHIT Myself! Pantyhose EXPLOSION! Turds &



I’m in front of my vanity mirror, putting on my bra and getting ready for an event when I feel a bad cramping and pressure near my asshole–and realize I’m about to shit myself! A firm turd pops out right in my motherfucking pantyhose–holy crap! I peel my hose down and it falls to the floor. My stomach gurgles and oh good god, I can feel even more coming! Firm turds dangle out my shitter and onto the floor too, followed by a sudden soft snake! I can’t believe this shit–I’m already late for my gig!

The poops felt pretty dry so my pantyhose are mostly clean–and I think it’s safe to pull them back up… when a REALLY BAD CRAMP HITS OMG, FUCKING DIARREAH?! I try to remove my hose in time but it’s too late, my ass unleashes it’s fury and fucking FILLS my pantyhose with warm loose stinky shit, Oh my GOD does it stink. I peel off my ruined pantyhose and the diarrhea fucking dribbles and hangs off the side of my hose and all over my filthy ass and pussy! Ew ew ew! I peel off the hose and get shit all down my leg, gross!

Finally I look at the aftermath–there’s SO much goddamn shit on the floor, and just–omg, I NEVER get diarrhea! That laxative I took earlier really killed me–they said it was “gentle”!! I try to clean myself up with toilet paper and show you how messy and futile it is–there’s just SO much shit!

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