Nurse Rachelle’s MEDICINAL SHIT



**Hardcore scat fans! Remember PooAlexa? You might recognize the nurse outfit and boots, they were a gift from her after she retired!! ?? Hope you enjoy… Make sure to leave a review!~ I see you’re being seen today because of some gastrointestinal issues you’re having, diarrhea, lots of tummy aches, is that it? I also see that the doctor prescribed you some pharmaceuticals…but I know what’d be better for a dirty boy like you. An all-natural load of warm, fresh shit from Nurse Rachelle, filled with vitamins and minerals and healthy gut flora to transform your crummy digestive tract! Like FMT (fecal matter transplant) but more fun, instead of a capsule it’s straight from the source ??You beg me to heal you with my thick juicy ass, filled with stinky alternative medicinal secrets. You lay down on the floor and I’m only too happy to oblige–treating the ill is my calling in life, after all! I shit a delicious load in your mouth and you swallow it down–but sterilization is important, too! I need you to lick my asshole clean… stick your tongue in as deep as you can, and make sure to suck hard so any poop left inside my bootyhole gets cleaned out. Don’t let that medicine go to waste! You were such a good patient today, I think we should end things on a happy note, don’t you? We enjoy a CUM JOI COUNTDOWN together, cumming together over your intimate and invigorating treatment ?? Ah, I see my medicinal shit is working already… if you happen to have any other tummy aches, make sure to call again, and skip the line in the waiting room by dialing my private extension instead… ??

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