No Escape Little Toilet



You wake up tied up and taped to my bathroom floor with me over you… Good morning! 🙂 Hi, remember me? How you rejected me last night at the club? Did you really think you could get away with blowing me off? You were so easy to sucker in after that–I roofied your drink and drove you to my place–and here we are 🙂 I think you’re in for your punishment–nobody rejects me and gets away with it! Go ahead and struggle and scream, nobody can hear you anyway. There’s no escape, little toilet.

I’m going to shit all over your face–and if you scream, I’ll sit on your shit-smeared face and suffocate you to death! I rip the duct tape off your face and shit a huge, stinky load right into your mouth, and laugh at you for being hard while you’ve got tears streaming down your cheeks. This is actually turning you on, isn’t it? Being dominated and humiliated by me? Well, since you like it so much, I’m gonna have all my girlfriends from the club crash here–and since my toilet is broken, they’ll all just take turns shitting on you, instead! 🙂 So you better chew fast, slave, cuz you gotta make room for all my friends, who are going to cram all their shit down your throat!

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