My Ass Poops & Swallows My Biggest Plug Ever



I fart and rub my tummy–I’m really bursting to piss and shit babe, I need to let go after a long day of work… and then, after my holes are clear, I wanna have a little fun and test my limits… push my tight little ass further than ever before <3 I strip tease and then piss all over the floor…. and groundhod my huge turd over and over and over again, sucking it back into my hole before pushing it out, over and over again…then finally puuuusssh that thick poop out my ass and onto the floor as well <3 You can take care of my piss and shit mess in the meantime while I keep having some fun, can’t you sweety? That’s good… cuz I’m not done yet! I suck off my biggest plug to date, see-through and heavy, getting it wet before I plunge and force that plug deep into my pucker. I gasp and MOAN with pleasure and pain, it’s SO BIG! My asshole spasms around the plug, and I shine the line right in–YOU CAN SEE *DEEP* INSIDE MY ASSHOLE! I give you a long, deep look inside babe, before pooping out my plug, along with another cute turd. Hmm!

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