Roo the TransBearCub fucks his shitty hole –



After using a glass butt plug to get hot and messy, Roo brings out a 12 inch double dildo to slide deep into his shitty hole. Watch him get even more poppered up than he did in the first part 😉 Listen as Roo moans and talks nasty while his long black dildo continues to dig even more shit out of his already very nasty, shitty, hairy butthole. Roo continues working open his dirty hole with his fingers, smearing even more shit all over his fuzzy ass in the process. Oh my, is that gaping hole giving you a peek inside his hot, pink guts? You bet it is! This faggot loves showing you inside his scat-hole, even pissing as he pushes it open for you! Working not just two or three fingers up there, going all the way up to 4! You want to stick your tongue up that open gaping hole, don’t you? 😉 Mmm. I know. And in case you were wondering, that boy cunt continues to get even wetter to the point of frothing. What are you waiting for? Hehehe. That gaping, prolapsing asshole isn’t going to come out for you all on its own, or will it? Find out with this delicious 9 minute clip!

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