My Ass Is CAKED With CRAP! Fix It!



Oh hello, toilet! I need to use you. You’re not busy doing anything else, are you? Nah, of course not. You’re a toilet! It’s all you’re good for 😉 I dump three logs right onto your FACE and enjoy how pleasurable and fast each one snakes out of my aching bootyhole. I stand up and see you’re not chewing fast enough!! Umm, hello??? Go FASTER! 🙂 I want a toilet worth a damn! I shove some of my shit that fell on your chin into your mouth. Take care of it! Ew! And my fingers are all filthy now! The Mistress is NEVER supposed to get dirty! Suck my shitty fingers clean one by one, slave! Oh no, now my ass is COMPLETELY CAKED with CRAP! You’ve got to use your tongue to lick me clean, loser~!! Next time we’ll do some “speed training” to make you a more efficient toilet!!

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