My 1st Panty Poop



In this 12 minute long video Casey is feeling quite adventurous; she puts on a pretty floral/skull design pair on undies fully knowing shes going to ruin them, something she has NEVER done before.

The video starts off with her holding back her shit, shes scared to go in her panties, shes never done this before. She moans and groans in pain and pleasure and she retains a load inside of her. She goes from deep squats to kneeling working her load all the way down.

After a few minutes it becomes harder and harder for her to hold… shes in real pain and you can hear it in her voice and her moans. She talks about how she cannot hold it any longer and how her “asshole is ready tu burst”. The pleasure is gone and the only way to feel good again is let it all go in her panties.

Once she releases her load she starts to laugh, shes really having fun and enjoying the fact that she made a mess in her panties! She begins to smear her poop all over her ass, laughing and having fun the whole time. She comments on how she’s never done this and how warm this shit is as it spills down towards her pussy.

Near the end she can’t contain herself… she squats one last time to let out another little shit and to piss ALL over the mess she has created. She takes off her panties and reveals whats inside to you.

This video has an additional 7 images of the final mess at the end! Including a full frontal view of Casey’s shit covered pubes.

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