Mommy Poops JUST For You


Model : LoveRachelle2

I come back home and see you, my adult son of mine, laying on the floor all depressed…aww, what’s wrong, boy? Oh, sad that your girl dumped you? That’s too bad, boy, but come on, we both knew that would happen, didn’t we? It was only a matter of time. But don’t you worry baby, mommy’s here for you and mommy knows how to cheer you up… and she knows what you like…

You can’t stop watching mommy strip down and dance nasty for you while you peek up her skirt, can you? Do you like your mommy’s bouncy ass? Her long legs and firm, perky tits? Your girl wouldn’t dance dirty for you like mommy, would she? Wouldn’t strip all the way down, and let you see even more.. that’s right, you wanna see even more of mommy, don’t you? You just love mommy’s ass, mm? You wanna see even more of this ass? Haha, that’s right baby, mommy knows what you want…

Watch close as mommy shits right in front of your face, just for you, hmm that’s right get a good eyefull boy, we BOTH know this is what you REALLY want, and why you’ll never be satisfied with another girl… nobody else really knows what you like or would give it to you, only mommy knows best, and you’re gonna be momma’s boy for the rest of your life…no matter how many girls you might screw, they will ALWAYS pale compared to your dirty scat mommy…

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