Mommy Feeds You Breakfast Before School POV


Model : PastelGoddess
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*Original Upload Date: 3/10/2020*

My sweet little guy, you’re all ready for school and it’s time for your breakfast! Today, mommy prepared a very special treat. Do you wanna see what it is? I’ll make it for you right now! I’ve been brewing it up all night just to feed to you, my precious boy. I hold a plate under my giant ass and push out a glossy, creamy, luxurious pile of shit. It looks very gourmet! I want only the best for my sweet step-son. I’ll even spoon-feed it to you! I scoop up every piece and bring it to the camera and you chew and swallow each one until it’s alllllll gone! Now you’re all full! Even though you’re a little stinky, but I’m sure the teachers won’t mind. They know you have a special diet! Now hurry, you don’t want to miss the bus!

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