Lick My Toilet and Chew My Shit, Slave!



Do you like serving me, slave? Have you enjoyed being at your Mistress’s beck and call? Just how badly do you want to keep worshipping me? Well, I have a few ideas on how to up the ante… and unless you do everything I say, I won’t let you serve me anymore, worm. You better not disappoint me–you know you’re so pathetic no one ELSE would even bother letting you lick their boots. Now, you did such a good job being a little servant and cleaning my home, slave–but now you have to clean the bathroom–and more importantly, you have to clean my THRONE. Lick my toilet clean with your TONGUE, slave–lick up the salty spray from my piss–and not just mine–but the piss and shit flecks left by not just me, but from *everyone* who’s used my toilet! Do it slave, and I’ll give you an even bigger “treat” you get to eat after, when my throne is worthy for me to sit on it… Open wide, toilet slave! Eat my shit, chew it up and swallow–or I’ll FORCE you to!

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