I Know Your DIRTY Secret…



Hey babe, I got a present for you, can you guess what it is? Guess while I give you a strip tease… hehe, alright, I’ll give you a few hints… it’s got something to do with my ass, which you love so much… that’s right, I’ll let you finger it… I’ll let you lick it… haha, you’re right babe, I’ll even let you fuck it, BUT… only if you do everything that I say for the next few minutes… now stay down, watch me, you still haven’t guessed it, have you? How about I fart in your fucking face, what do you think about that, huh? Oh look, you’re hard… well, I’m not surprised. Did you really think I wouldn’t find your internet history?

That’s right, babe. I’m gonna make your scat dream come true! Now open wide, you know what’s coming…

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