Hot Shit In Heels


Model : LoveRachelle2
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I take my time strip teasing out of my tight top, jeans and heels, kneading my plucking at my tits up close and giving you a sweet show before dropping to the floor and bending over doggy style, watching you invitingly as I slowly pull down my crisp white panties to my knees and give you a good view 😉 I strip off my panties, completely naked as I reach for my heels and put them back on for the show… I spread my legs in doggy style again, and birth some nice thick turds while I hiss in pleasure. Fuck yeah, feels so good to shit… <3

You watch as I crawl down on the floor before my pile of shit and slather the length of the closest cock-log over and over again with my tongue, licking up and down the length of it while staring at you long-fully, before smiling goodbye. Don’t you wish my dirty scat mouth was milking your cock? 😉

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