Hot Bully Girl Ruins a Nerd’s Homework



*Original Upload Date: 11/13/2019*

At a party, I go into one of the bedrooms to find one of the quiet students from class all alone doing homework. It’s a Friday night! What a loser, doesn’t he have any friends? I tower over him and bully him verbally. I’m a powerful amazon and he is a weak little nerd. I tell him that he should be doing my homework too. I make him get on the floor and sniff my sweaty ass, then I throw his homework to the ground and take a shit on it! Haha! The nerd is devastated and crying because he is not going to get straight A’s anymore. I rub his face into the pile of shit and use him as furniture while I check my phone and sip my juice. He can’t escape from under my weight as he is made to chew and sniff my shit. This nerd is going to be the party toilet tonight, I’m telling all my friends to come use him!

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